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DAMPING MATERIAL No Vibration - Just Sound

Listening to favorite music is most enjoyable if there is no disturbing noise around.
Unfortunately, in-car environments consist of a wide range of materials causing a lot of annoying noises.
Especially large scaled body parts tend to vibrate and affect the audio reproduction of the car speakers in a negative way.
GROUND ZERO damping materials offer high efficient noise proofing.
They reduce vibration, increase bass response as well as dynamics and by that ensure precise audio reproduction.
There are particular products for each neuralgic car part influencing the sound quality available.

Ground Zero Audio Produktkategorie Daemmung

€ 99,00 GZDM Doorkit PRO

Compleet demping pakket.

€ 99,00 GZDM 1900MC-GOLD

GZ, Demping, Bitumen met een polyurethaan foam top laag, 7mm dik, 10 vellen van 37.5 x 50 cm

€ 139,00 GZDM 1900ML-gold

GZ, bitumen demping, 4,2mm dik

€ 119,00 GZDM 3750AB-Gold

GZ, Demping, 2.2mm dik,

€ 99,00 GZDM 3750AB-Zilver

GZ, Demping, 1.7mm dik, 10 platen van 75x50cm

€ 99,00 GZDF 1500SA

GZ, Demping, foam, zelfklevend

€ 79,00 GZDF 400SI

GZ, Demping, water proof foam demping, zelfklevend.4mm dik

€ 24,00 GZDM 250AL-BassBoost

Demping tegen staande golven

€ 65,00 GZDA 1200AL-GOLD

Massief aluminiumfolie platen

€ 19,00 GZDR 1000

GZ, aandruk rol voor demping


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