AI Sonic BMW-SW8

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Nieuw, uitlopend product

AI-Sonic BMW underseat subwoofer, custom fit.

2016 - striving for excellence.
Designed for an excellent subwoofer at a reasonable price. And fits Plug & Play style with the original speaker seats under the benches of BMW cars. A couple of decades of experience with other high quality speaker manufacturers helped us understand how even the smallest details have a big impact on the end result.

2017 - Testing and finishing.
Product development had advanced to the point where a raw version of the final product existed. The car with these speakers took part in the EMMA (European Mobile Media Association) Auto Hi-Fi competition in the Master OEM category. The result was the Finnish Championship. Later in the year, the speaker details were fine-tuned and the product finished and ready for production. The quest for the best possible result in its price range resulted in a speaker called the Four Audio SW8-BMW.

2018 - towards the best.
The excellent speaker was now ready for production and based on that the next step was taken. Towards the best. The best-rated chassis, cone and top suspension on the market are the same as the Four Audio SW8-BMW speaker. For even better force coefficient and cone control, the magnet was replaced with a double magnet. Even lower bass playback was achieved with lower suspension improvements. Lower reach repetition requires more range of motion and power resistance. These features were obtained by modifications to the voice coil. This is how the AI ​​Sonic BMW-SW8 was completed.

2019 - Excellent and the best. At the ready.
There is no choice left. Want great bass for a reasonable price? Or its best? Whichever you choose, you are guaranteed to get the best value for your money.


Technical data BMW woofers
Suitable for ALL BMW models with underseat woofer locations.

Fs 59 Hz
Qts 0.78 Feb
16.4 liters
B / L 5.7
SPL 89 dB
impedance 2 ohms
2 ″ copper voice coil
Power handling 120W RMS / 200W MAX
Enhanced neodymium magnet for higher B / L
Coated paper cone
Nomex Spider
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