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ZVM 100

Prijs: € 11,50


Ampire, deur motor, 3.5 kg trekkracht

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Compact motor for refitting a central locking.
Rugged housing made of heat resistant nylon.
The rotating head simplified the assembly of the motor.
Delivery includes the mounting hardware.
Operating voltage 12 volts DC
Operating current under load 2.1 Ampère
Operating temperature -40 to +80°C
Length 138mm
Width 62mm
Height 28mm
Hole space of the mounting hole 58mm
Stroke 18mm +/- 1mm
Lifting capacity about 3.5kg
Response time 0.3 sec. +/- 0.1 sec.
Housing material PA66 + GF30_ 34.8g
Plastic gear material POM_ 9.2g
Motor JQ280-21120-55.5
Motor material Alumnium
Motor mounting plate 2.5g
Fixing material chromed steel
Cuff material Rubber 4.4g

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